SET 2000

With column to cut 360°

Thanks to the central column, main feature of SET2000, the machine can rotate 360°. This set is suggested for those who need freedom of movements and to perform circular cuttings. SET 2000 includes:



Cutting width 15″ (390 mm) 15″ (390 mm)
Cutting height 10″ (250 mm) 14″ (350 mm)
Maximum cutting height with special blade-guide 12″ (310 mm) 16″ (410 mm)
Dimensions of the work surface 19″ x 16″ (500 x 400 mm) 19″ x 16″ (500 x 400 mm))
Blade length 100″ (2530 mm) 107″ (2720 mm)
Minimum blade width 0.11″ (3 mm) 0.11″ (3 mm)
Power of the motor 1.5 HP – 1.1KW 1.5 HP – 1.1KW
Weight 353 lb (160 Kg) 364 lb (165 Kg)
*Cutting tolerance, which depends on the type of blade used and on the cutting heights, is considered as the tolerance for standard bandsaw. The use of the blades does not guarantee a tolerance lower than ± 2 mm.


Articulated Arm

The articulated arm is the main feature of all MD DARIO® machineries. It allows the bandsaw to rotate in every direction.


The column enables to rotate the machine up to 360°, realizing multiple circular and shaped cuttings at the same time.

Arc Cutting Device

With the arc cutting device, made of a special metric bar, it is possible to cut arcs and circular shapes up to 360°.

Material Support

The material support with framework allows to place on it long pieces of material to work.

Pressure Lock

The pressure lock 250 is a clamping bracket used to fasten the wooden pieces to work.

Copying Device

The use of the copying device is combined with template application: the device leans on the template and reproduce its shape on several wooden pieces.

Bellow Protection

Bellow protection system has been conceived for the operator safety and to protect the blade. It can be regulated according to cutting height, ensuring a work safety.

Double Handgrip

The double handgrip means safety: the machine works only when the operator places both hands on the control device.


Forklift base – Fixing the column BC800 on the forklift base, it is possible to move SET2000 with a forklift truck, without fastening it on the ground.

SR700  The tilting deviceallows to manually tilt the machine up to 45°. The regulation can be easily make through a grade hand wheel adjuster.It must be considered that to higher inclination corresponds a lower side light.

Extended articulated arm –The extended articulated arm BS600EX, reaching an extension of 165 cm, allows to cut circumferences with a maximum radius of 143cm.

The length of the articulated arm can be customized, according to the dimensions of the piece to work

ST100 – The trunk cutting device is a precise and fast system which enables to execute shaped cuttings on circular trunks of different dimensions. It is ideal to realize joint constructions and used to build wooden houses, fences, flowerpots and decorative elements. Watch the video of the device.

DPC 350 – Double pressure lock: Suggested for the realization of circular shapes of big dimensions. Its structure ensures stability and avoids the tubes to curve


Saddle cut device  – The saddle cut device is suggested for the realization of saddles with different radius.

Applied to the column of SET2000, it is made up of a special material support with pneumatic hold-down device.

The dimensions of the support vary according to the dimensions of the saddles to cut. The saddle radius is adjustable through a metric bar applied to the bandsaw.

For special works, it is possible to apply the material advance device and/or the anti-fall device.

Watch the video of the device.

Pneumatic support The pneumatic support allows to fasten and cut several pieces at the same time (for instance beams, panels, etc.) and it is suggested to shape different kind of wooden pieces: saddles for pipes’ transport, shutters, columns, chairs’ legs, etc.

The combined use of a template allows easier and faster cuts.

Pneumatic support and material advance device  – It is a special pneumatic support, suggested to cut packs of panels, which are moved forward by the material advance device. Once the cutting has been executed, thanks to a mechanical and manual system, the material advance is activated, while an anti-fall device prevents the pieces to fall on the ground.

For this device, it is suggested the use of a template.

Watch the video of the device.

Extra column – It is possible to add to SET2000 an extra column, allowing to fix large dimensions’ pieces that need to be shaped on both sides.

Manual turning blade guide – This special device allows the operator to twist the blade to 30° and shape the middle of the wooden piece wih 90° cuts. This accessory avoid the saw to crush against the beam.

Carousel Device – It is a pneumatic support made of 4 working stations. If the work to realize requires 4 different templates, the carousel device allows to move from one cutting to the other on the different stations. Several panels piled together can be cut at the same time; this can really add up to a significant time savings. Material advance device is not applicable.

Watch the video of the device.

Butterfly SupportThe special pneumatic support with double station is the best solution to shape several panels in the shortest possible time. Provided with a pneumatic lock to fasten the material, it allows to overlap the panels, placing the template on top of them. Thanks to the copying device applied to the blade guide, it is possible to follow the template realizing the cut. The operator can execute the cut on one side while another operator can remove the finished pieces and prepare the new material to be cut, with a significant time savings.