SN 33

SN33 bandsaw can be used as fix machine, like a table saw, or mobile, applying it on the articulated arm (BS) on SET1500 and SET2000.The use of the double handgrip ensures cutting quality, maneuverability and higher safety.

SN33 model includes:



Cutting width 15″ (390 mm)
Cutting height 10″ (250 mm)
Max cutting height with special blade-guide 12″ (310 mm)
Dimension of work surface  19″ x 16″ (500 x 400 mm)
Blade length  100″ (2530 mm)
Minimum blade width  0.11″ (3 mm)
Power of motor 1.5 HP – 1.1 KW
Weight 110 lb (50 Kg)

* Cutting tolerance, which depends on the type of blade used and on the cutting heights, is considered as the tolerance for standard bandsaw. The use of the blades does not guarantee a tolerance lower than ± 2 mm.


Copying Device

The use of the copying device is combined with template application: the device leans on the template and reproduce its shape on several wooden pieces.

Bellow Protection

Bellow protection system has been conceived for the operator safety and to protect the blade. It can be regulated according to cutting height, ensuring a work safety.

Double Handgrip

The double handgrip means safety: the machine works only when the operator places both hands on the control device.

Work Surface

Thanks to the work surface and its electrical panel MD DARIO® band saws can be used as table saws.


SN33 WITH WORK BENCH – the band saw applied to the bench; it is used as fixed machine.

AP 500 it consists in SN33 bandsaw and the articulated arm BS400.

SN33 band saw is applied on the articulated arm BS400. The machinery might be applied on walls, columns or pillars.

SET1500 – It includes the SN33 bandsaw applied to the articulated arm and the mobile trolley. SET1500 is easy to move and perfect for those who work on construction sites or outside the company.

SET2000 – it includes the SN33 bandsaw applied to the articulated arm BS600 and the column, allowing 360° cut 360° cuts.