SET 400

To cut up to 35cm high
SET 400, thanks to the reachable cutting height, is suggested for headstone field, artistic and urban construction.
Thanks to its versatility, it is the most requested model for those who need to shape marble and granite: it is used to realize curbs, monuments, columns, big dimensions’ gravestones, etc. SET 400 includes:

  • SAW STM400



Cutting width 25.50″ (650 mm)
Maximum cutting height for marble 14″ (350 mm)
Maximum cutting height for granite 12″ (300 mm)
Hydraulic motor Adjustable speed

*The cutting heights are approximate, considering a professional and daily use of the machine. Cutting capacity thickness depends on the material type.

**Cutting speed depends on the type of material, the cutting height and the diamond wire employed.


Articulated Arm

The articulated arm is the main feature of all MD DARIO® machineries. It allows the bandsaw to rotate in every direction.


The column enables to rotate 360° the machine, realizing multiple circular and shaped cuttings at the same time.

Arc Cutting Device

With the arc cutting device, made of a special metric bar, it is possible to cut arcs and circular shapes up to 360°.

Hydraulic Motor

Every MD DARIO® marble/granite set is supplied with the hydraulic motor, which enables the operator to use water in complete safety.

Speed Regulation

A lever, connected to the hydraulic motor, allows the speed regulation of the diamond wire. In this way, it is possible to cut different materials with the proper speed.

Copying Device

The use of the copying device is combined with the template application: the device is leaned on the template and it can reproduce the shape on more stone pieces.

Bellow Protection

The bellow protection system protects the wire and it can be regulated according to the cutting height, ensuring a safe work

Tilting Device

With the tilting device SR700M it is possible to tilt 45° the saw.  The regulation can be easily make through a grade hand wheel adjuster.   It must be considered that to higher inclination corresponds a lower side light.

Material Support

The material support made of tubes that can be added or removed from the structure, enables to put on materials of different dimensions.

Pressure Lock

The material support made of tubes that can be added or removed from the structure, enables to put on materials of different dimensions.


Platform 200 x 200 cm – The platform 200 x 200cm ensures a bigger working area. The use of grid platform guarantees the water drainage and a higher stability and safety for the operator.

This kind of platform can be moved using a forklift, but not a pallet truck.

Upon request, MD DARIO can supply also the tank for water drainage model AQ-090, to use in combination with water recycling devices.

Extended articulated arm –The extended articulated arm BS600EX, reaching an extension of 165 cm allows to cut circular shapes with a maximum radius of 143 cm.

The length of the articulated arm can be customized, according to the dimensions of the piece to work.

Extra column – It is possible to add to SET400 an extra column, to fix the piece to cut and realize arcs and shapes working on both sides, without moving the piece. MD DARIO® suggests the combined use of the grid platform 300 x 200 cm.

Automatic Arc Cutting Device   The automatic arc cutting device allows the automatic advance of the saw STM400. This device involves the use of arc templates (available in different radius) and it is suggested for those who need to cut several pieces in series (for example street curbs).

The saw automatically follows the template and the operator is needed just to remove the piece that has been cut.

Material Advance Support with Anti-fall device  – This special device has been realized to hold up pieces of marble or granite with big dimensions or difficult to move. Once the block to cut is placed on the support and the machine advances, steel bars are activated in order to hold up the piece that has been cut, preventing it to fall (anti-fall device).

Once the pieces have been removed, the bars will pull back again, and a special mechanical device allows a new piece to advance and be cut.


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